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‘Tis the Season

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I’m sure many of us are already feeling overwhelmed looking at our task list and holiday schedules. Cooking, shopping, parties, concerts…all in addition to the things that already fill our everyday lives. My life is no different. So, rather than offer advice to slow down, savor time with the people you love, and remember the real meaning of the season and then proceed to not do any of that, I’m going to follow my own advice. Like many of you I have lots of fun activities coming up as 2013 begins to wind down, so I’m taking a hiatus from the blog till 2014. I hope all of you will do what you can to keep it all in balance this season, and find yourselves truly thankful for whatever blessings God has given you. I pray we can all discover some new facet of Jesus’ personality as we celebrate his birthday. And in the midst of all that, let’s imagine what might happen if we ask God what our goals should be for 2014. Where does He see us by the end of next year? Where does He want to take us, and who does He have for us to minister to? How does He want us to grow? I pray He gives you peace, love, joy and hope to complete 2013 and an exciting vision for 2014. See you next year!

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