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The Cat’s Meow

I’m a cat lover.  Notice I did NOT say the crazy cat lady, but a cat lover.  Just so we’re clear.

The thing about cats is, as much as they get a bad rap for being unfriendly (which most of them aren’t), if you own a cat, you know that they often become your shadow.  They can be dead asleep, and you move to another room and there they are, following.  It’s like they just want to be in your presence all the time.  Isn’t that how we are supposed to be with God?  Just wanting to be in His presence all the time.  Happy as long as we’re going where He’s going.  Maybe even curl up in his lap once in a while just to be close and feel His warmth.  It’s a simple idea, but sometimes I think we over-complicate our relationship with God.  We get so caught up in rules and do’s and don’ts that we forget this thing is all about relationship.  God truly just wants to be with us, to spend time together as friends and parent and child.  That’s the level of closeness we are called to have with him.  God’s crazy about us so I believe when we are in His presence and enjoying it, it brings Him joy!  At the same time, we also need His presence because God’s presence changes things.  We cannot encounter His presence in an intimate way and remain unchanged.  Whether it’s in worship, prayer or meditating on His Word, simply being in the presence of God impacts our outlook, our emotions, even our physical health!  It’s the simplest and most important thing we can do for our well-being.  Having a horrible day?  Feeling hopeless?  Get in God’s presence.  Open your Bible, crank that worship music or just be still in prayer; it will change your attitude!  Confused and don’t know what you should do?  Get in God’s presence.  He’ll be faithful to give you clarity when you spend time pressing in to Him.  Things going well and you’re feeling abundantly blessed?  Get in God’s presence!  Praise Him for what He’s done and is going to do for you!  Thank Him for His love and faithfulness.  In fact, it’s important for us to know when we also praise him and thank Him in the middle of hard times, it stirs up our faith and gives us strength because we’re declaring His goodness.

Enjoy His presence this week.  Ask Him to take you to a deeper level of intimacy with Him, and be blessed!

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