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Strength to the Weary

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. --Isaiah 40:29

The other day when I was out walking, I saw a man with two prosthetic legs, like the one above, walking laps. I was immediately impressed with his strength and determination. I don't know why both his legs were amputated, and I can only imagine how long and hard the work was to be able to get where he is at now. So many times my brain finds excuses to not exercise--I'm tired, I'm busy, my back is sore, etc., all of which pale in comparison to missing multiple limbs. This man had the most justifiable reason to not exercise and yet he clearly did not let that stop him.

Life sometimes can present some unbelievable challenges. We might face loss, trauma, poverty, violence, mental illness or disability, or any number of other issues. While we do need to know and honor our limits, we must also remember our God has no limits to what He can do in and through us. When we let God determine what our limits are, we are often astounded at what He has been able to help us accomplish. When all our circumstances are telling us the situation is hopeless, God gives us strength to keep moving forward, wisdom to try new approaches or avenues, and people to help us accomplish what He's called us to do. He is able to make it happen in His time and His way as long as we keep seeking Him. His strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Corinth 12:9)! We see hindrances, but God sees only opportunities to do the impossible.

Be encouraged today that whatever challenges you face, they are no match for our God, who gives us strength to do all He has called us to do.

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