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Springing Forth

Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. –Isaiah 42:9

four flowers

Given the brutal winter most of the U.S. has experienced this season, it has been a most welcome sight to see tiny leaves budding on some of the trees around where I live. There aren’t many, mind you, but still…a few leaves and flowers peeking out here and there lets me know spring is rapidly approaching. It’s a relief for many who have felt this intense winter would never end!

Waiting for God to come through sometimes feels endless. Even when we completely trust God to follow through on His promises, at times it can feel like our breakthrough is never coming. And yet, just like spring, it will surely come. Spring must come every year, there is no way around it! Regardless of what winter throws at us, it cannot stop spring from happening. In the same way, no matter what life or the enemy throws our way, nothing can stop God from finishing what He starts. There is nothing that can stop Him from completing His plan! It will surely happen. It must happen because God keeps His word. He doesn’t start something and not finish it! He doesn’t change His mind halfway through and say “Just kidding! Never mind!”. He is the finisher of our faith.

Let the new beginning of spring remind us of God’s faithfulness to bring the new thing into our life that we have been believing for, no matter what that may be. The signs of its coming will begin to show themselves all around us if we watch for them (see above verse)! If we are in tune with His spirit, He will let us know “It’s coming! Get ready!”

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