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Seasonal Changes

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.  –Ecclesiastes 3:1


I hate winter.  Where I’m from, winter can drag on and on into March and sometimes even April.  It’s a season that, because of the lack of vegetation and sunlight, negatively affects my mood.  As hard as it used to be to get through in the last few weeks of winter every year, spring always came and brought such incredible joy with it because of how long I waited for it.

Sometimes in our seasons of life, we get over-focused on our current circumstances which inevitably sucks away at least a little bit of our joy.  It feels like the situation we are in will never change…our breakthrough will never come…the tide will never flow in our direction.  The thing about a season, though, is that it is always temporary.  Some seasons may be more enjoyable than others and some may last longer than other, but they are always temporary.  I think this goes for difficult circumstances and blessings.  Whatever difficult circumstance we’re in, we need to remind ourselves: It’s just a season and it’s there for a reason!  God never sends us through difficult seasons for the heck of it, it’s always to help us grow and work out our “stuff” so we can prepare for the next thing(s) He has for us.  God wastes nothing and He uses it ALL for our good.  By the same token, we all can take more time to appreciate the blessings we have while we have them.  Some blessings will last a lifetime; others are only for a season.  You never know when life might change, so it’s important to enjoy what’s good in our life (and usually we can find a lot there if we really try) while we have it!  Why would God bless us with more if we don’t enjoy what we’ve got?  It’s all temporary.  In the good times we savor it, in the rough times we praise God because He’s faithful to not only get us through it but help us become better people on the other side of it.  Change is as ingrained in life as is breathing in and out.  The only thing truly permanent in this life is God and His love for us.  He will never change or get weary.  Praise God!

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