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Pursuing Your Vision

Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud; he stood at the entrance to the tent and summoned Aaron and Miriam. When the two of them stepped forward, he said, “Listen to my words:

“When there is a prophet among you,

    I, the Lord, reveal myself to them in visions,

    I speak to them in dreams.”

Numbers 12:5,6

Today I was thinking about visions.  Scripture tells many stories about the Lord communicating to people through visions, and I believe He can still communicate with us this way.  He may or may not appear to us in a “pillar of cloud”, but He does plant a vision in our spirits and a desire in our hearts for those things that He is calling us to and moving us toward.  It’s so important that we pay attention to those yearnings and seek God about them, because they are a significant part of us fulfilling our destiny.  Even if your dream or the desire of your heart seems silly or small, you don’t know how God might be planning to use that to make a difference in His Kingdom.  When we’re seeking our vision, two things are particularly important:

1)      We have to let God shape our vision and bring it together in His time and in His way.  It’s so tempting when we’re excited about our dream and eager for it to become a reality, to take over the reins and try to bring it about ourselves.  But for that dream to be all the things God intends it to be, we have to continually pause and ask God for guidance and direction.  We have to be willing to lay it down again and again and say, “Lord, this really isn’t about me.  This is Your vision for me, not my vision for myself.  Please make it exactly what You want it to be and help me be in line with Your desires for my life.”  It’s when we take what starts out as a Godly dream and run with it ourselves that things can fall apart.  God must always be the director/pilot/conductor…well, insert your own analogy there.

2)      We must be very prayerful and thoughtful about the people we attach ourselves to, and whether or not they fit into the vision we have for our life.  This is true whether you’re hiring an employee, forming a professional partnership, establishing new friendships or particularly if you are single and choosing a mate.  I cannot stress enough that we must be confident of our purpose in life before we yoke ourselves with someone else.  If you don’t know where your life is supposed to be going, how can you know if the person you’re choosing will be able to go where God is taking you?  The vision comes first, then the relationship, particularly any kind of inner circle relationship.  This is an area where we have to use wisdom.  The people in our inner circle will have a huge impact on our ability to fulfill our destiny.  They will either encourage us to pursue it or hold us back if they’re not on the same page.  In short, be cautious and use wisdom.

So what is that dream on your heart today?  What is that thing that just keeps nagging at you, that itch in the back of your mind that just won’t go away?  I encourage you to write it down and pray about it!  Give it to God, ask Him show you what you need to do to move in that direction and then believe in faith that He will do it!

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