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Finding Your Purpose, Part 2

Wake up! Strengthen what remains and is about to die, for I have found your deeds unfinished in the sight of my God.  –Revelations 3:2

This week, I want to speak specifically to people who may feel their opportunity to fulfill God’s purpose for their life has passed.  God wants you to know: it’s never too late! There’s never a time where God cannot lead you to your purpose for that season of your life. You might think, “I’ve made too many mistakes, I lived too many years away from God; I missed my chance to really serve Him. He couldn’t possibly use me in my condition.”


Our God is a redeemer of all things. He is able to use your mess to bless! He has a way of making His light shine through even the most broken glass of our souls in a way that truly shines His light into some very dark areas. In fact, there may be people who are only able to receive His light and love the unique way it shines through your brokenness. The enemy would love for you to throw in the towel or settle for less than all of what God has prepared for you. But, if God can use a murderer (which He did…in the Bible…more than one, in fact), an adulterer, a prostitute and a thief to advance His Kingdom and accomplish His purpose then He can certainly use you! He isn’t done with you, by far, so don’t you be done with you!

You may also think, “I’m too old for God to have a new plan for my life. I’m in my twilight years. I’m supposed to be winding down. God has already accomplished His purpose in my life and now I’m just kicking back and enjoying the time I have left until He calls me home.”


God is never done! Look at how He used Abraham and Sarah in their advanced age to birth a child, of all things, that would play such a pivotal role in the Kingdom of God. Until you are no longer breathing and six feet underground, God still has a purpose for you! If you are alive on this earth, God has a reason for it. There is Kingdom work left for you to do in His name. So go do it! Think big and be open to how He might want to use you in this season of your life.

In short, don’t limit God by limiting yourself! Anything is possible when we yield to Him and let Him shape our life.

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