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Finding Wisdom in Crisis

I'm not always one to chime in on current events in this blog, but given the historic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, I can't help but share a few thoughts. In the past few weeks as the crisis grows and people try to adjust to this temporary new reality, I've noticed something coming from pastors that I have not seen before in the body of Christ: unity. No matter the denomination or theology, I see pastors of every church background sharing the same message, that we must use wisdom but not live in fear. The body of Christ has never been known to agree on much, truth be told. We disagree about almost everything, from how to conduct a service, to who should be allowed to preach, to our understanding of various scriptures. Yet in this historic time, the Church seems to be speaking with one voice: wisdom, not fear.

I believe God is trying to teach us in this moment what it means to navigate the storms of life with wisdom. When we are faced with a crisis, there are many ways we can respond. On one end of the extreme is fear and on the other is apathy.

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