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5 Things God Does Not Do

The enemy (who is the father of all lies), loves to convince us that God is someone other than who He truly is.  Deep down, we may start believing some untrue things about God without even realizing it.  Here are five things God does not do:

  1. God does not leave things unfinished (Philippians 1:6, Numbers 23:19). Sometimes it can feel like we are stuck in “wait mode”; waiting on something to break open or come to pass. It feels like we are in a never-ending situation, but the important thing is that while it may feel that way, nothing is ever truly endless (except the love of God, of course). God never starts something and then leaves it undone. It may take longer than we expect, but He will always complete what He started.

  2. God does not lie (Numbers 23:19). Ever feel like God pulled the rug out from under you? Ever feel like He misled you, and allowed something to happen that is not what you signed up for? It’s important for us to remember that God does not lie. If He said He will do something, He will do it. If He promises to enable us to do whatever work He has called us to do, He will do just that. If He promises to provide, He will. Just because we haven’t seen it manifest yet doesn’t mean God lied; it means He’s still working on it. We must trust in His timing.

  3. God does not leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8). It’s popular right now to use the phrase “God showed up”. However, this implies God was somewhere else and came running over to where we are. The truth is, His Spirit is always with us, at all times. God doesn’t “show up”, His Spirit responds to our worship and prayers. He is always available; it’s just up to us to plug in to His presence. There’s nothing we can do to make Him go away; He’s just stubborn enough to refuse to leave our side no matter how far we may try to run from Him. He is a faithful God!

  4. God does not get angry easily (Psalm 86:15, Joel 2:13). God does get angry eventually (Scripture is pretty clear about this). Unfortunately, many people still have this image of God as being a hot-head that gets angry at them for the slightest mistake. This could not be further from the truth! He is slow to anger and eager to help us grow in our areas of weakness. In fact He shines best through our weaknesses. We needn’t worry that God is just waiting for us to mess up so He can pounce like a cat. In fact, just the opposite is true: God is waiting for us to reach out to Him so He can comfort, encourage, empower and teach us.

  5. God does not fail (Isaiah 51:6, Lamentations 3:22). God cannot fail. It’s simply not in His nature. Our world is pretty chaotic right now, but we should never let the negative media fool us into believing that God lost control somewhere along the way. He is always in control, and His plans will come to pass, exactly as He ordained them, in the exact way and the exact time He ordained them to do so. He cannot fail, ever.

These are wonderful truths for us to stand on! The enemy may try to convince us we cannot trust God to be faithful and consistent, but He always is and always will be.

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