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Before You Marry: A Single's Guide to Choosing and Being God's Best Spouse

30 Days of Joy

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Before You Marry: A Single's Guide to Choosing and Being God's Best Spouse

For single Christians, choosing the right spouse can be an overwhelming and scary task, particularly when aware of the high divorce rate. Whether always single, widowed or divorced, it is important for singles to look seriously at both how they choose a spouse and what kind of spouse they are prepared to be. This book explores factors that can help singles avoid settling for less than God’s best in a marriage partner, and challenges them to examine areas of their own life that may keep them from being God’s best for someone else. Designed for individual or group reading, Before You Marry encourages deeper reflection and discussion about factors that lay the groundwork for a healthy marriage.


30 Days of Joy

Using thought-provoking scripture and discussion, the author explores what the Bible has to say about joy—where it comes from, why we need it, and how to hold onto it. With room for readers to journal their own reflections, 30 Days of Joy will enrich the reader’s personal time with God and increase their own joy.


"This book 'Before You Marry' is a wonderful read. Its title would indicate that it was written for people who are solely looking for a partner in life, but that is not my case. I found comfort in this book, I’ll explain a little later.

The book is based on scripture which is extremely important to me. I just want to note right here that although the book is based on scripture it is not preachy…… it is more like having a wonderful conversation with someone who cares about you and wants you to understand the importance of being ready to marry.

This book opened my eyes to what love is, how to love and what love means and/or looks like based on scripture. God is love and therefore, he and his word are the best places to learn of love. I am filled with joy when I learn more about love.

I am 57 years old, have been divorced for almost a year. I found this book comforting and appreciated knowing some of the mistakes I have made were shared by others. Possibly if I would have had material like this to read at the age when marriage was so very very important, I would have understood the importance of love in a marriage, examined my fears, shortcomings and doubts. 

This is a wonderful book, which I would highly recommend to anyone."

Regarding 'Before You Marry':

"This book gave me an insight of what to expect when you get married in which I missed on my first marriage"




Jenifer Regennitter is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with more than 20 years' experience working in behavioral health, including counseling individuals and couples dealing with relationship issues. Her passion lies at the intersection of theology and psychology, and she enjoys equipping people with Biblically-relevant skills to lead happier, healthier lives. She holds a Master's degree in Counseling from Western Illinois University and a certificate in Biblical Studies from the Vineyard Institute. She also has more than 25 years' experience serving in leadership roles within various church ministries. 

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